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We are a full-service title insurance company.

While that statement of course is true, we are really much more. Select Title provides something unique to that of most title insurance companies. We invoke a sense of trust and confidence that has been forged only after years of cumulative talent and experience within the Select Title team—having made us life-long partners with most of our clients.

Our team understands the high demand and expectations within the real estate industry. We utilize the latest title search and escrow software designed to guarantee closing transactions that are not only accurate and compliant with all legal and best practice policies, but also meet your deadline needs.

Select Title LLC can assist you at every stage of the real estate transaction—from examination services, closing and escrow services, to post-closing policy issuance. We also offer non-title policy title searches for banks, attorneys and real estate professionals who may need a thorough title search on a piece of property without an actual title policy being issued.

The Benefits of an In-house Title Plant

Unlike many title insurance agencies, we don’t outsource for our title processing—we have our own in-house Title Plant Team located right here in Texas, which enables us to gather and process data quickly allowing the closing transactions to happen in a timely manner.

What about Trust and Great Service?

Relationships are built on trust and the confidence in knowing that your customers will be well taken care of. At Select Title, we work hard to ensure that every closing experience is a success, and that the seller and buyer feel comfortable throughout the process. It’s what sets us apart.

Title insurance and settlement services

By adopting the appropriate procedures for the production, delivery, and remittance of title insurance policies, Select Title can meet all legal and contractual obligations. In providing an on-going employee training in adherence to the latest Federal and State Consumer Financial Laws specific to the Settlement process, we are able to meet state, federal, and contractual obligations governing any Settlement. We make it our mission to initiate best practices in executing every aspect of the title insurance requirement.

Ownership and Encumbrance Reports

We have the tools and resources to provide accurate and current O&E Reports. Our investigation process identifies last recorded property owners, formal legal descriptions of properties along with any open liens, mortgages, lis pendens and judgments that might be attached to the property or the current owner.

Commercial and Residential Closings

Select Title LLC provides closing services for refinance, purchase, reverse home equity and construction loans. We also perform closings for cash, owner-financed and commercial transactions.