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Select Buyers Q/A

How does title insurance protect me?

At Select Title our goal is to protect your most valued asset—your home. Fraudulent claims against your ownership, liens or undisclosed heirs are just a few of the dangers that can put your ownership in jeopardy. Over the years we have made it our business to educate and protect buyers and their real estate interests.


As a buyer, is it really necessary to hire a realtor?

One of the most beneficial and practical reasons to work with a realtor in today’s marketplace is the value of their knowledge. Finding the right realtor with a keen sense and understanding for the region or community that you’re interested in is hugely important. They know the market trends and what is considered a fair price for a piece of property, any potential transformations or planned development forecast for surrounding areas and numerous other financial considerations when thinking about a real estate purchase. A qualified realtor has a pulse on the community as a place to live—area demographics, quality of schools, HOA’s, utility companies, shopping, and virtually all aspect of the lifestyle within their footprint.


So where do I find the right realtor?

The best place to start is by asking friends or relatives that have successfully bought or sold a home in the area that you’re interested in. After visiting the local chamber of commerce or the National Association of REALTORS® website for a directory list of certified realtors, we always recommend interviewing several realtors before selecting one—and encourage that you ask for references! Contact their references and inquire about the realtor’s attention to detail, resourcefulness and the overall experience they had. A good realtor is someone who can be trusted and that you can confidently seek good advice and expertise—just like the Select Title team!


What are the essential things that every buyer or seller should have prior to a closing?

It’s very important to be prepared at closing and at Select Title we strive to make the closing process as smooth, seamless and convenient as possible—eliminating any unnecessary stress and uncertainty by providing a detailed road map in preparation for that special day.

  • Be sure to bring a valid Driver’s License or Government Issued Photo ID as required by the Escrow Officer and Notary Public for acknowledgement of your signature.
  • Because Texas is a Community Property State, both the husband and wife (if applicable) will be required to sign the closing papers. Contact your Escrow Officer in advance to be certain.
  • If a Power of Attorney is being used for closing, the POA document must be reviewed prior to the closing. The original is required for recording and we must speak to the appointee the day of closing to ratify.
  • Please review the HUD settlement Statement/Closing Disclosure prior to the scheduled closing date.
  • If you have been notified to bring a certain amount of money to the closing, please obtain our wiring information, or bring a Cashier’s Check payable to Select Title, LLC. Texas regulations require “Good Funds” at closing before closings, disbursements and recording can take place.
  • Purchasers and Lenders should pay close attention to the required insurance coverage binders and or Certificates of Coverage.
  • Please provide us with the name of the Home Warranty Company you have chosen along with any additional upgrades or options.